Our Story


I feel truly privileged to have been born and raised in South Africa. This gave me the opportunity not only to receive a high standard of education, and be taught by the most amazing teachers, but also to grow up in a diverse, multicultural society. All these factors contributed to me becoming the teacher I am today.

It became my vision and passion to make a difference and to create a school where I could give each and every student the education I was lucky to receive.

I created my school in the year 2000 and it has been amazing to see students change their attitudes towards learning, and see our students using English in their everyday lives.

This inspired me to create ‘Myrsini’s Edutainment’ which is a unique award winning educational programme aimed at teaching students from preschoolers to advanced levels,  English and life skills in a fun and creative English and environment. The outcome of the programme has been amazing and has become popular not only among the locals on the island but among people from all over Greece and abroad who have attended our school. This unique experiential approach ‘Myrsini’s Edutainment’ is now shared in my recently-published teacher’s resource books, My Edutainment World 1 and My Edutainment world 2 by Express Publishing.

I also came up with another original idea Myrsini’sVillage which is an experiential teaching tool which enables teachers to create holistic language activities for all students to make learning a language engaging, meaningful and entertaining.

The demand on the island soon led to us opening up two more schools, one in Alyki in 2007 and one on the island of Antiparos in 2015.

It was an exceptional honour for our schools to win three Education Leader Awards in 2020. Myrsini’s Edutainment won the Bronze Award for innovation in teaching,  our school buildings and facilities as an educational tool and means of teaching won the Gold Award and Myrsini Educational Centre was distinguished and awarded ‘Foreign Language School Of The Year 2020 in Greece!

It is wonderful to see how our teacher’s training workshops, Myrsini’s Edutainment and Myrsini’s Village are spreading rapidly and has impacted language education all around Greece and abroad.

My mission is to continue creating fun, exciting and effective ways to learn a language and inspire both teachers and students, and for me to become a better teacher than the one I was yesterday.

Myrsini Verdouka