My Edutainment world 1 and 2 are teacher’s resource books which aim to provide a holistic hands-on- curriculum for teachers who teach English as a second language to preschool children aged 4-7. Furthermore, it also aims to equip pupils with important life skills. Most of the activities in both books can be adapted and used with your primary, secondary and advanced levels.

  • My Edutainment World 1 explores 15 exciting topics and each topic is divided into two lessons to enable our pupils to absorb and revise the target vocabulary.
  • My Edutainment World 2 provides a holistic curriculum to teach pupils the letters of the English alphabet and their phonetic sounds. This teacher’s resource book is a great supplement to any alphabet book.


  • These books are for educators who believe that young children are equipped with an innate ability to learn languages naturally and subconsciously.
  • For educators who believe that children learn better through play-based hands-on experiences because they can make sense of ideas from real life experience.
  • For educators who believe children develop greater fluency in a language when they are naturally exposed to the language they are learning.

You can find My Edutainment World book series here: Express Publishing