Myrsini’s Edutainment


What is Myrsini’s Edutainment?

Myrsini’s Edutainment is a unique award winning educational programme aimed at teaching students from preschoolers to advanced levels, English and life skills in a fun and creative English environment.

Children participate in experiential and stimulating learning activities to consolidate the language. They are exposed to the English language by involving them in fun and creative hands-on activities. The games and activities provide children with the opportunity to be taught in an informal and enjoyable way. In other words, they will actually be learning without realizing it!

Myrsini’s Edutainment does not only focus on teaching English, but also aims to teach and equip children with important life skills. Myrsini’s Edutainment is based on the philosophy that:

  • Children are equipped with an innate ability to learn languages naturally and unconsciously.
  • Children learn better through play-based hands-on-experiences because they can make sense of ideas from real-life experience.
  • Children develop greater fluency in a language when they are naturally exposed to the language they are learning.
  • Myrsini’s Edutainment focuses on language acquisition rather than language learning.