Myrsini’s Edutainment


A 5 – hour practical workshop at your school experiencing hands-on activities on how to efficiently use this unique teaching approach with all your students from preprimary to advanced levels. This workshop enables you and your staff to experience and comprehend how to efficiently implement this teaching approach, how to create your own material and also to experience the emotional benefits of this amazing way of teaching. 

This holistic hands-on workshop aims to enable teachers to: 

  • Live the experience of how they can implement this unique, holistic teaching approach 
  • Sense and feel the emotions our students feel when they participate in experiential and stimulating activities 
  • Make the learning process natural, engaging and meaningful
  • Create an ideal and magical learning environment 
  • Spark their imagination by showing them, “Not to think out of the box, but to think like there is no box!” 
  • Effectively implement the naturalistic and communicative approach to learning a language which promotes language fluency.